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Our Privacy Commitment


The Privacy Policy for 1040Return described herein is applicable to this entire web site. This includes all areas where information is gathered and income tax data is input, printed and/or transmitted. However, it does not apply to any other online services, or to any other web sites published and/or maintained by us. Please read and be aware of the policies that follow. Being informed is often the best way to protect yourself.

Please Note: Our Service is applicable to filers of resident U.S. Federal income tax returns only. The statements made in this Privacy Policy apply solely to residents of the United States.

Our Data Security Privacy Policy

In order to prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the correct use of information, we have put in place appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online. We are committed to your privacy.

Internal Controls

When collecting, storing and retrieving your personal data, extensive internal controls are maintained throughout the process to ensure security and confidentiality.

For instance, our internet-based systems are protected behind firewalls, and all mission critical servers are deployed in a cluster environment to provide an even greater level of security and protection against system failure. Additionally, all data is maintained and backed-up on a regular schedule to provide adequate redundancy and ensure that the integrity of information is never jeopardized.

Furthermore, our employees are subject to strict guidelines regarding confidentiality, and internal access to customer data is restricted to highly trained personnel on an “as-needed” basis.

Transmitting Information

When transmitting information between you and our server, as well as when communicating with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for electronic filing, data security is handled through a protocol called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). SSL is an established and mature Internet security standard with two dominant features: web server authentication and data encryption.

Web Server Authentication

An SSL certificate is issued to ensure authentic and accurate identification of a secured web server. This translates into a digital ID, an electronic fingerprint, which is included in the key used to encrypt the data. As a result, only our web server, in this case, is able to decrypt the data that you transmit because it is the intended (and digitally certified) secured web server for this data transmission.

Data Encryption

Data encryption is the process of transforming legible information into a complex arrangement of illegible information. SSL uses a private/public key combination to encrypt data when it is sent and to decrypt data when it is received. Additionally, SSL encrypts data using a mathematical formula, also referred to as a “key.”

Encryption strength is measured by the length of the key used to encrypt the data; the longer the key, the more effective the encryption. Using the SSL protocol, data transmission between you and our web server is performed at a standard level of encryption strength.

The Information We Collect

This Privacy Policy applies to all information collected or submitted on our web site. If a credit card is used to pay for the Service, in addition to tax return information, we collect the following credit card and personal information:
Cardholder’s Name
Credit Card Type
Credit Card Number
Expiration Date
Cardholder’s Billing Address
Daytime Phone Number
E-mail Address
Employer’s or Relative’s Phone Number

The credit card information is used to process your transaction. This information is not made available to anyone else.

We also collect the following information for use in answering your inquiries for technical support when you submit an e-mail requesting our assistance:
Your Name
User ID
E-mail Address
Operating System
Browser Type
Connection Type/Speed

The Way We Use Information

The tax return information that we collect is used strictly for lawful purposes and is never shared with federal, state or other taxing authorities without your consent. The foregoing notwithstanding, we reserve the right to disclose your information without your consent in response to a court order, subpoena, search warrant or other inquiry or request from governmental or regulatory authorities, or to protect against fraud or other criminal activities. If you choose to electronically file, we will transmit your tax return to the appropriate federal and state taxing authorities.

Our privacy policy keeps you and your family's future safe.

Our privacy policy keeps you and your family’s future safe.

The IRS requires us to provide the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the computer from which the return originated. In addition, we must also report the e-mail address of the person who electronically filed the return. This information is sent to the IRS at the time you choose to submit your return for electronic filing.

In order to file your return, we must share your submitted tax information with the appropriate tax authorities. You can control whether or not you wish your tax information shared for this purpose by deciding whether or not to complete the tax returns forms, which are all clearly labeled.
The above listed credit card information that we collect will be used strictly for order processing and billing purposes, and will not be shared with any other party. When appropriate, bank account or credit card information is also passed to our bank, for processing purposes. In the event that our Internet Service staff should need to research and resolve any status or billing issues associated with an order, the information will only be accessed by authorized personnel.

Retrieving Your Information

Our Service is available for starting, completing and e-filing your return from approximately mid-January through mid-October of each tax year. In order to view your return information and access a free summary report, use your User ID and Password. After that, you may also pay a fee to print, view, and electronically file your actual return. Once you have paid, you may continue to access, modify and print your return as often as needed.

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