5 Reasons to File Your Tax Return Online with 1040Return.com

//5 Reasons to File Your Tax Return Online with 1040Return.com

5 Reasons to File Your Tax Return Online with 1040Return.com

About 50 percent of the taxpayers this year are estimated to file their taxes without relying on the help from the tax preparers. The number of people filing their taxes online is on the rise, given the ease and swiftness of the e-filing. It goes without saying how complicated and intricate the tax laws, prescribed procedures and documents are. A helping hand to the people who do their own taxes would be nice. That’s what led to the development and evolution of tax preparation software. While some people prefer desktop tax preparation software, others like to go for the online ones.

It is quite obvious that the majority of people who will do their own taxes this year would use tax preparation software to prepare and file their returns electronically. So here we are to tell you about one of the best, simplest and most accurate tax software available over the internet. We like to call it 1040Return.com! Now you would wonder, what is so special about 1040Return.com. Well, keep reading to know the reasons why you should pick 1040Return.com over any other software available online.

  • User Friendly Interface

No matter how sophisticated the software is, it doesn’t serve well if the novice users are unable to use it with ease. The user interface of the tax preparation software should be simple enough for the first-timers to do their taxes with minimal difficulty. This is what exactly 1040Return does. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned expert, it helps you prepare and file your taxes in a hassle-free way. The user interface is very simple and the software displays tips on how you can maximize your tax refund. The software also pops questions to the user in the logical and sequential manner to speed up the filing process.

  • Privacy Protection for Maintaining Data Confidentiality

All the information that you enter into 1040Return gets encrypted so that no unauthorized individual can gain access to your personal and financial data. You might have heard a lot about the instances of identity theft, especially during the tax season. The perpetrators gain unauthorized access to the information by hacking into the systems and file taxes in the names of the identity theft victims with a wrong address. This is how they get their hands on people’s refund. 1040Return prides itself for keeping your data secure and confidential its first priority.

  • Comprehensive Free Demo

1040Return offers you to take a free demo. You can actually enter the details of your income and deductions and the software will accurately calculate the amount of tax you should pay. It also allows you to review the details entered just so that you are sure. We are confident about our product because 90% of the users who take the demo actually use 1040Return.com to file their returns.

  • Extensive How-to Videos

If you are someone who loves to learn through visual aids such as videos, then we have very detailed videos on how to prepare and file your taxes. The videos show you how to file your tax return with Form 1040 EZ as well as Form 1040 with Schedules A, B, C, D and E. All the line items are explained so that you do not miss out on important deductions and maximize your refund. 1040Return comes with free logbooks, which you can download and use to keep a track of expenses pertaining to mileage, entertainment, meals etc.

  • File Two Returns at the Price of One

When you choose 1040Return to file your taxes, you pay for filing one tax return and get to file another one for free. Isn’t that a significant saving?

  • One-Stop Solution to Your Tax Dilemmas

1040Return provides you the platform where you can file not only your state taxes, but also federal taxes. You don’t have to look around for additional tax preparation software or buy separate subscriptions for doing different types of taxes.

Moreover, 1040Return provides you an option to pay for tax return if you are receiving a refund. So, you don’t have to shell out money from your pocket. You can pay your taxes with any of the major credit cards.

  • Keeps You Updated

Our newsletters on tips and guidelines to maximize your refunds and weekly bulletins will keep you updated throughout the year.

We are sure that the features of 1040Return.com have thoroughly amazed you and that it will change your experience of filing taxes online. With 1040Return.com, doing your taxes will never be the same again.