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11 Tax Deductions for Homeowners

“There are certain deductions that can be claimed by homeowners only,” says John Gregory EA, tax practitioner and founder of 1040Return.com. “If you have taken out a homeowner’s loan, [...]

Chapter 9: 1040 and The Affordable Health Care Act

Chapter 8: 1040 with a Dependent, EIC, Child Tax Credit and Daycare

What is Form 1040 Schedule C For?

The IRS norms specify that self-employed professionals are supposed to pay self-employment tax and file self-employment tax return in case their net earnings exceed $400. The Form 1040 Schedule [...]

Chapter 7: How To File A 1040EZ

Chapter 6: 1040 with a Dependent

8 Tips for Determining if you Should Incorporate

Tips for Determining if you should Incorporate If you have been running your business as a sole proprietor or are planning to be a self-employed person, you should probably [...]

Serving an IRS Small Business Audit

Running a small business subjects an owner to assorted twists and turns on a daily basis. Few events, however, will raise an owner’s blood pressure quicker than a U.S. [...]

Chapter 5: 1040 with the EIC and a Dependent


Chapter 4: Filing a Schedule C with 1040Return.com

Filing a Schedule C with 1040Return.com

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