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5 Tips When Considering Filing a Tax Extension

Let’s be realistic for a moment. It’s quite possible that people who haven’t yet started doing their taxes might not be able to finish by 15th April, 2015. There [...]

11 Tax Deductions for Homeowners

“There are certain deductions that can be claimed by homeowners only,” says John Gregory EA, tax practitioner and founder of 1040Return.com. “If you have taken out a homeowner’s loan, [...]

What is Form 1040 Schedule C For?

The IRS norms specify that self-employed professionals are supposed to pay self-employment tax and file self-employment tax return in case their net earnings exceed $400. The Form 1040 Schedule [...]

8 Tips for Determining if you Should Incorporate

Tips for Determining if you should Incorporate If you have been running your business as a sole proprietor or are planning to be a self-employed person, you should probably [...]

Serving an IRS Small Business Audit

Running a small business subjects an owner to assorted twists and turns on a daily basis. Few events, however, will raise an owner’s blood pressure quicker than a U.S. [...]

1040Return Tips for Organizing your Tax Info

‘Well begun is half done’, that’s an incredibly apt saying. Surprisingly, it holds good in all walks of our lives, including the way we handle our finances. Now try [...]

5 Reasons to File Your Tax Return Online with 1040Return.com

About 50 percent of the taxpayers this year are estimated to file their taxes without relying on the help from the tax preparers. The number of people filing their [...]

Contract Employees vs. W-2 Employees

The businesses’ need to cut back on costs and achieve higher operating efficiency has made the idea of hiring independent contractors more lucrative with every passing day. While most [...]

What you can Write-off when you have a Business Start-Up?

Finance is undoubtedly the life-blood of any business venture. But did you know that we need to incur a multitude of expenses before our business is actually up and [...]


If you are self employed and/or a Limited Liability Company with a single share holder and file a Schedule C, this is a must see video. The Schedule C [...]

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