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Small Business Tax Resources

1040Return is dedicated to helping the small business person.

Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Codes

From filing a Schedule 1040 C to tips on how to avoid an audit, we provide a wealth of resources to protect you and your business. One such resource is a free list of Standard Industrial Classification Codes or more commonly known as a SIC Code. The list gives SIC Codes as well as the expected net profit on an industry-by-industry basis. Receive this valuable list by filling out the fields below the “Free Downloadable SIC Code” header.

These codes and the net profit of each industry are used by the IRS to determine whether your tax return should be audited. Having that as a resource is tremendously valuable because it allows you to compare your business filings with industry norms.

SIC Code Example showing four digit code broken into major group, industry group and industry sector

Free Downloadable SIC Code

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The IRS uses the SIC Codes listed on the IRS Form Schedule C to determine what you should be claiming as a net income. When you begin the process of filing your 1040 you’ll want to have the list available. That way you can check what you’re claiming on your tax return against what the IRS expects you to claim. This can be valuable helpful if you have not kept the best records throughout the course of the year.

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