Americans have a hard enough time paying their bills as it is, without the added pressure of an IRS bill. For taxpayers who find themselves on the wrong side of a tax debt, tax debt settlement negotiation is their most economical IRS solution.

Tax debt settlement negotiation is where a taxpayer or their representation negotiates an IRS agreement with the IRS to resolve a tax debt, including payment terms, any reduction of penalties or the overall debt amount.

Taxpayers should consider these programs before applying solely for a settlement, and should avoid tax relief companies that claim to settle tax debts for “pennies on the dollar” because when a taxpayer applies for a settlement program like an Offer in Compromise, they disclose all of their finances, which the IRS can use against them to ask for high payments if it declines the settlement application. While very few taxpayers qualify for an outright settlement, there are many programs that can provide tax debt relief, including:

  • -Penalty Abatement
  • -Partial Payment Installment Agreement
  • -Currently Not Collectible


The only tax professionals who are able to negotiate a tax debt settlement are tax attorneys and enrolled agents. These licensed professionals are allowed to represent taxpayers with any tax problem, including criminal tax problems, and at every level of the IRS, including appeals. Taxpayers are advised to hire a tax attorney or enrolled agent to help with a tax debt settlement negotiation rather than attempting to negotiate with the IRS themselves.

If you are a taxpayer with a back tax debt and are interested in the various tax debt settlement options, call us today for a free consultation to see what IRS programs you qualify for.

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