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Before You Fill Out 433-F Learn Your Options

A 433-F is the shorter form of IRS form 433-A, which is a full financial disclosure form that the IRS uses for the Offer in Compromise and Currently Not Collectible programs. The 433-F is only two pages, compared to the multiple paged 433-A. You can find it here.

Help is available for the 433-f form.

Form management is essential for effective filing

Many times, IRS agents will request the shorter form for a taxpayer’s initial review of their IRS program application. If the agent needs more information on a taxpayer’s finances, they will then request the longer, more detailed 433-A form.

A taxpayer will need to complete a 433-F form for any program that requires full financial disclosure, but usually this form is required for an Offer in Compromise or a Currently Not Collectible application.

  • Offer in Compromise: This IRS settlement program will allow a taxpayer to pay only a portion of their tax debt either with a single payment or through five installments by proving a doubt as to the collectability, liability or hardship.
  • Currently Not Collectible: This IRS forgiveness program allows a taxpayer to postpone the collection of the tax debt by proving that a taxpayer’s current financial situation prevents them from paying anything on their tax debt amount.

Taxpayers will need to use this form in order to record all their financial details. This includes all income sources, monthly expenditures, and all business information. Once this is given, the IRS will analyze the financial ability of a taxpayer to pay their tax debt within their Statute of Limitations.

If you are interested in resolving your tax debt through either the Offer in Compromise or Currently Not Collectible program, call our tax debt specialists for a free consultation to see if you qualify.

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