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There are cases where married taxpayers who have filed jointly are notified of a tax debt with the IRS due to an understatement by one spouse. Even if the couple divorces, the IRS will still pursue both parties for the debt. If a spouse was unaware of the understatement, then they may qualify for Innocent Spouse relief.

Innocent Spouse situations can be stressful

Innocent Spouse situations can be stressful.

Those who believe they are not responsible for their joint tax debt will need to prove they had no knowledge of the understated filing at the time they signed the return. Other requirements include:

  • The couple must have lived apart for at least 12 months
  • The spouse must provide all financial documents from the year of the filing understatement
  • The spouse must provide a summary stating the reasons they are not responsible for the debt

The IRS will notify the suspected spouse about the claim, even if the relationship was abusive. Once notified, the IRS will review the claim for up to six months, during which time the IRS will conduct a phone interview with the spouse who submitted the Innocent Spouse claim. The spouse suspected of filing the understatement is allowed to appeal the claim, which will be reviewed against the evidence provided.

If the claim is denied, the innocent spouse is able to appeal the decision, as well if the claim is approved, the suspected spouse can appeal the preliminary decision.

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