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Cut IRS Tax Debt with a Penalty Abatement!

Tax debt is a big problem that can quickly get worse. Many taxpayers can do little but watch as their debt amount grows. The IRS charges monthly penalties and interest that makes matters worse. This snowball effect leads to many sleepless nights and hard choices. Thankfully, there are steps that you can take. While interest is not usually dischargeable, penalties are, and can be lowered or removed depending on a taxpayer’s situation. Penalty abatement can help.


There are many penalties to consider when dealing with tax debt. Some of these penalties are charged based on situations, like the Failure to File penalty and Late-Filing penalty. However, there are extra penalties that are automatically charged to a taxpayer’s tax debt because the debt remains unpaid. Taxpayers with special circumstances can apply to have these types of penalties removed from their tax debt. This can greatly reduce the overall amount, making it easier to pay by lessening the payments.

IRS Form 843 is needed to begin penalty abatement.

IRS Form 843 is needed to begin penalty abatement.


To apply for an IRS Penalty Abatement, taxpayers will need to file Form 843. The most common reasons for applying are classified under “reasonable causes.” These are legal reasons for not paying or filing taxes. There are many reasonable causes that result in an approved form, such as:

  • Unavoidable events that caused the tax debt, their failure to file, or late filing
  • Unavoidable absence (prison, rehab, serious medical problems)
  • Natural disasters (fire, flooding, hurricane, tornadoes, etc)
  • Tragic circumstances (ex. Boston marathon bombings)
  • Bad advice from the IRS
  • Bad advice from a tax professional


The reasons are valid if the events that kept the taxpayer from meeting the needs of the IRS were beyond their control. If you think that your situation makes you eligible for a penalty abatement, call us today for a free consultation with one of our tax experts. We know how to work with the IRS. We can help you regain your peace of mind.

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