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We’ll End Your IRS Tax Lien for Good!

When a taxpayer owes the IRS, there are many things to be afraid of: a wage garnishment, a bank levy, and property seizures, but many are not aware of a subtle collection action that the IRS pursues to secure tax debt payment. A tax lien can make life hard if you aren’t prepared.

What is an IRS Lien?

An IRS Lien is the IRS’ legal claim on a taxpayer’s name or property as collateral for a tax debt. If a taxpayer fails to properly make arrangements with the IRS 10 days after receiving a “Notice and Demand for Payment” to satisfy their tax debt, the IRS will file an IRS lien and send a “Notice of Federal Tax Lien” to the taxpayer.

An IRS lien can damage a taxpayer’s credit, lowering the score and making it extremely difficult to apply for lines of credit, such as loans, credit cards, or the purchase property or a vehicle. If the tax lien is attached to a taxpayer’s property, it prevents a taxpayer from being able to sell or refinance the property.

A tax lien can be very stressful.

A Tax Lien can be very stressful. Let us help.

Removing an IRS Lien

The best way to have a tax lien removed is by satisfying the entire tax debt amount. For many taxpayers, paying their tax debt amount in a single payment isn’t an option. That is why the IRS has numerous IRS programs that taxpayers can apply for to arrange an agreement to resolve the tax debt.

Taxpayers who are currently under an IRS lien or received a lien notice should consult with a tax professional for a free tax debt consultation on IRS lien solutions!

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