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Fight the IRS with a Certified Tax Lawyer!

Taxpayers with a tax debt have many options to receive relief, but none more vital than hiring a tax lawyer. A tax lawyer is able to match a taxpayer with the appropriate IRS program they qualify for, negotiate with the IRS in order to reach amicable terms of the agreement, and help release any collection actions that may be placed against a taxpayer.

When taxpayers are searching for a tax lawyer, there are many things to consider to ensure they are choosing an experienced and qualified tax lawyer to help them with their tax issue.

Tax Lawyers must have a Juris Doctorate degree, as well as be admitted to the state bar in order to practice law in that state. Additionally, a tax lawyer may also have a Masters in Taxation, but it isn’t necessary to be able to resolve IRS issues.

A tax lawyer may charge a retainer fee, which taxpayers should avoid because IRS cases may take longer than originally thought, depending on the factors of the case. For instance, there are plenty of tax lawyers who do not charge retainer fees; usually part of a tax relief company.

An advantage of hiring tax lawyers through a tax relief firm is that usually the company will have a team of not only tax attorneys, but possibly enrolled agents and certified public accountants who use their different areas of expertise to help taxpayers reach a resolution quickly and affordably. However, taxpayers should only hire tax relief companies that employ tax lawyers because they are the best defense a taxpayer can have against the IRS.

If you are suffering with a back tax debt, call us now for a free consultation to see what our tax lawyers can do for you.


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